Carpet Cleaning Services

Rush 2 Clean Ltd is London’s most popular commercial carpet cleaning company offering the very latest in cleaning equipment, fully trained cleaners and first class cleaning materials. Using high quality environmentally friendly cleaning products, our team of experienced commercial cleaners are safe to use and will leave your carpets clean, fresh and healthier.

Operating across many of London’s boroughs including Westminster, Chelsea, Richmond, Kensington and more, our commercial carpet cleaning services will help to extend the life of your carpets by removing dust, soil, dirt and grit and more. Debris and other accumulated dirt are major causes of an unhealthy working environment and a reduced carpet life. With this in mind, regular carpet cleaning is advised to ensure the best health and safety practices are adhered to and to minimise the financial impact of having to replace your carpets.

Why engage commercial carpet cleaning services?

★ Make a good first impression

Nothing creates a welcoming environment like fresh and clean carpets on arrival to your business premises. Not only will they look and smell wonderful, it’ll also show people that you care about the details when it comes to good business practices.

★ Extend your carpets life

Not only is it very costly to replace your carpets, many insurers will request proof of maintenance and cleaning before they pay out or honour a warranty. Having receipts for professional carpet cleaning services will make it far easier to make a claim.

★ Create a healthy environment

If you’re looking to work into a healthier indoor working environment, regular commercial carpet cleaning is essential. Mold, dust, grime and other pollutants can all affect breathing difficulties and allergies. Through deep cleaning, your carpets will be cleaner, fresher and safer for everyone’s general health and safety.

★ Save money

Regular commercial carpet cleaning will not only safeguard people’s health and safety and maintain the beauty of your carpets, but it will also save you money.

Want to learn more about our London carpet cleaning services? Get in touch with our team at Rush 2 Clean Ltd today.