Window Cleaning Services

Perfect Windows Every Time

Our window cleaners use next-generation water-fed pole technology to keep your windows the shiniest in the neighbourhood and here’s how it’s done: The “Reach-and-Wash” system is incorporated directly into the vehicle of the technicians. You don’t have to set up a water source for the service as the technicians bring their own. That’s right! And this is the part that makes this service one of a kind. Cleaning with purified water: The water in the storage tank is 100% purified which significantly enhances its cleaning properties. A stream of plain H2O is an incredibly effective way to bring windows to a pristine state. The science behind the whole process is that the pure water molecules easily connect with any dirt that resides on the glass surfaces and dislodge it. Also, on the plus side, this service is nature-friendly as no chemicals are involved at all!

No matter of size, Rush2Clean understands the importance of having a neat and clean place of work. As a customer you have to pick the correct cleaning company to meet your requirements. You are at the right place. Find out why:
icon We will discuss your requirements with you and then prepare a free specification
icon Huge cost savings: No need for expensive access equipment
icon Health & Safety benefits: No working from height
icon Good first impression on visitors
icon Eco Friendly system using purified water office
icon Regular or one off services
icon Coverage of the entire Greater London area
No window is unreachable: Our water-fed extension pole can reach to about 23 metres which is usually the fourth storey of the building. For higher levels, the window cleaners have reliable abseiling equipment. This also means that ladders are only involved for ground and first floors in the whole process which eliminates the risks of damages to the exterior surfaces of your property.

With years of experience in the cleaning industry, our team of highly-trained cleaners are reliable, and ready to take the load off your hands.

No job is too large or too small – book us for your window cleaning and our friendly team will ensure your windows are spotless.


What our Customers say

Having been recommended to Rush 2 Clean by a client of ours, we have been using the services of Rush 2 Clean for the past 6 – 8 months. We are delighted with the service they offer, they are extremely reliable, trust worthy, and most of all thorough in the cleaning of our offices, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Jason Brownless

“Can’t fault Rush 2 Clean's quality and management support, we have an excellent team in place”
“Rush 2 Clean have demonstrated flexibility and worked with Lee Rush all the way through”
“Any requests are acted upon immediately and I know I can call on AMBA to get things done”

Debbie Fitzgerald

“Excellent partner”

“Since taking over the contract, Rush 2 Clean have steadily improved all the areas where we previously had issues. At this stage in the contract we are usually tearing our hair out, but we haven’t been with Rush 2 Clean!”

Steve Hernshaw

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