Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning can often feel like a major chore. The process itself combined with the additional drying time makes it feel like an arduous task that keeps getting put off. But unclean carpets don’t just look bad, they can also harbour germs, parasites and dust that can make you ill. Nowadays, cleaning your carpets can be a far quicker and simpler job than you’d initially think. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet in top condition. Preparation

Accidental spills are common, especially when kids or pets are around. To avoid a spillage turning into a stain, deal with it quickly. Use an absorbent to soak the excess liquid up and be sure not to rub as this will just push the fluid deeper into the pile of the carpet. Before you begin cleaning, run a vacuum around to pick up any dust and debris. This will prevent your carpet cleaner from getting clogged up and make for a deeper, more effective clean.

Pre-treating a carpet with a specific solution is often a good idea if it is heavily soiled. It just gives your carpet a deeper clean and a head start on breaking down stains before the generic cleaner is used. Always check that you are using the right solutions for your carpet, particularly if it is a woollen one. The Cleaning Process

Move your carpet cleaner up and down the room in parallel lines, starting furthest away from the door. It can help to slightly overlap each line so as not to miss any areas, but be careful that this doesn’t over soak certain areas. Rinse the carpet after cleaning if your cleaner has this function. It will remove any soapy residue that can attract more dust and dirt if left. Afterwards, ventilate the room for quicker drying time.

If you still don’t feel like doing the cleaning yourself, get in touch with Rush 2 Clean who would be happy to help with your carpet cleaning problems.

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