What is the Best Deep Cleaning Method for Your Home Carpet?

We constantly share various tips on dealing with stains and maintaining your carpets and furniture in a good condition. However, spot treatment and vacuuming aren’t enough to deal with bacteria and deeply settled dirt. Most manufacturers and sellers recommend a deep cleaning procedure at least once a year in order to keep the carpet in a good condition and prolong its life.

There are different deep carpet cleaning methods but although they all had their advantages if you ask an expert which is the best procedure for most rugs and carpets the answer will be – the hot water extraction, called also professional steam cleaning.

There are 3 main reasons why professionals prefer hot water extraction when deep cleaning a carpet.

Hot Water Extraction Breaks Down Even Build up Dirt

Despite its name, professional steam cleaning is not similar to cleaning with a steamer. The professional equipment works in a different way and is more powerful than steam cleaner for home use. The hot water extraction machines have trunks where high-quality cleaning products and water are heated to 90 degrees. After the solution reaches this temperature the technician sprays it deep into the carpet fibres under high pressure. The combination of quality detergents, high temperature, and pressure helps break down the bonds between the textile fibres and the dirt. The solution is simultaneously extracted from the carpet along with the dissolved dirt by a powerful vacuum.

Hot Water Extraction Protects the Carpet From Wear

Carpets get a lot of foot traffic on daily basis and attract and retain a lot of dirt and dust, deep into their fibres. Ordinary vacuum cleaners suck out part of the dirt, however, they fail to get all of it. Over time, the friction between, fibres, dust and abrasive particles can damage and wear event the finest quality rugs. Most carpet cleaning methods treat only the surface, while hot water extraction reaches the build up dirt and removes it efficiently. As with all cleaning methods, hot water extraction is not appropriate for some types of rugs. Carpets made entirely from natural materials such wool can shrink from the high temperature.

Short Time for Drying

The second reason why professionals recommend hot water extraction is the shorter drying time. Although it is a wet cleaning the amount of moisture that remains is very small. The machine’s powerful vacuum extracts most of the liquid so after the cleaning the carpet is slightly damp. While after other methods the drying takes a day or two, after professional steam cleaning the carpet is dry in a few hours. This prevents mould appearance and deterioration of the fibres and of the backing.

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